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Grown-up in a relatively conservative middle-class family in the countryside I received an education based on Christian values and the respect for any other individual or being in my environment. With the help and guidance of my parents I was able to develop to a very open minded person, which helps me now to see both the positive and negative aspects of the situations that I encounter.

I am unconventional and imaginative in the approach to my life, and seek out new experiences to try. I feel quite comfortable taking the occasional risk, thus developing innovative ways of solving problems.

The core of my training has been within the social work area. I have strong professional values including commitments to:

Whilst the above values are part of a customer services approach that I developed with my previous and current employment, I am aware of the development in the new technologies and would like to incorporate my personal knowledge about Information and Communication Technologies into my experiences within the social work area.

I dealt with computers in all administrative tasks associated with social work using a variety of application programs. As part of my training I worked in Chile. During this time I planned and installed a computer system to assist with the administration of a local school and community centre. I trained educators and teachers to use the system. As far as I am aware, the system is still in use. I have also been a tutor helping people in the IT for All course at the South East Essex College, Southend-on-Sea, working mostly with elderly students to help them solve computer problems. This is an especially challenging position, since many students are intimidated by computers, and calming their fears is an important first step in helping them attack their course assignments with confidence. I really enjoy teaching, and get very excited when I see students succeed at difficult tasks.

As I am analytically minded, I learn the necessary steps to accomplish a task quickly. I am well motivated and determined, and approach my work in quite a structured, disciplined way, so that I finish the job in hand. From my experience both in technical areas and teaching, I assume that clients, colleagues and students find me easy to work with. I believe those qualities will be equally important for succeeding in the IT environment.

Furthermore I anticipate developing my technological capabilities rapidly when in an employment so that I can become more valuable to the company with time.

Please do not hesitate to contact should you require any further information.

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