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This is an update to my website. Anyone looking at the source code can detect the thing having been amended from a different site. At least it confirms to these days' standards in that it does contain only few tables and is resizable.

Here is a link to the old version of my website. This one contains frames and had the disadvantage of adjusting the menu to fit without scrolling, that is having little or small text only.

I haven't got much of an idea of classes and ids, so I just amended the style sheet to see what it brings.

Other than the subjects displayed in the 'old' pages I want to introduce some other stuff that interest me and that also describes me.

If you are interested, have a look at the making of the name of the site.

I hope you enjoy the site and run away quickly - never to return ... else have a nose around, if you like.



P.S.: due to space probs I relocated my old website to a different host as on the link in the menu at the left:

I hope to get round soon to update the whole site again...